Friday, January 25, 2008

Seraphina, Bradie's Afghan, and a New Block

Well, I finally started a Seraphina Shawl. It took me a little bit to figure it out, but it's going quite fast now and I should have it done pretty soon. I really like how this is turning out and might not be able to stop at one. I'm supposed to make my mother a prayer shawl, but she wants a rectangle shawl; I'm going to see if I can talk her into this one because I think it will suit her purposes much better than the others I've been able to find.

On other projects, I'm working on the afghan for the new baby. Bradie Jane, our new niece, will be born by C-Section on February 4, one month premature. I decided to crochet a nice warm pink blanket for her and was going to use my Balanced Goddess Afghan pattern, but it wasn't turning out right with the Caron Simply Soft I was using. I was starting to get really discouraged because I wanted to make omething for this baby since I'm making something for each of the other nieces and nephews. Well, I finally figured it out and am currently in the middle of working on the new afghan pattern. It's composed of five panels; three of granny squares and two V-Stitch.

On the pattern writing front, I created an afghan block a couple of weeks ago. I call it the Blue Mesa Block. I still can't get the pattern written out on it, though. When I do I'm going to need a few testers because it's quite complicated and I want to make sure that it's written right.


angelfire said...

were you able to get your pattern written, the square looks wonderful

wwillow15 said...

Hi, where can I find your Balanced Goddess Afghan pattern? Thanks.